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Fourth Annual
NW Illinois Film Festival
April 24, 2024   |   7:00 PM

Morrison Tech Auditorium, home to Shorts-A-Palooza 2024.  

Shorts-A-Palooza intermission: Filmmakers (left to right) Johnny Lang, Dan Patton, Timothy Troy and Don Hatton talk shop.  Marty Green, aka Professor Dolphus L. Bailey from "The Medicine Show" stops by to start Act II of Shorts-A-Palooza 2023.

About the Northwest Illinois Film Office

Executive Director

The Northwest Illinois Film Office is dedicated to assisting film projects find the right locations, navigate local regulations and State film incentives, and identify local cast, crew and supply chain. The film office also promotes Illinois filmmakers and their projects through events like our annual Northwest Illinois Film Festival.

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Celebrating NW Illinois Indie Filmmakers

2023 Featured Short Films

The Offer   |   Wolfdog   |  Get Away    |   Unknowing

RIP  |  Medicine Show   |   Chucky Chicken   |   A Cloudy Moon

An Infantryman From Hero Street   |   Creepy Cuts  | and more.

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A Cloudy Moon


Safe and Sound

Northwest Illinois Film Office

Gary Camarano
Executive Director
200 E. Knox St., Morrison, IL 61270

  (815) 772-5247 Office

(575) 520-5279 Cell

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NW Illinois Film Office
2023 Shorts-A-Palooza
Film Festival
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